Local Learning Seminars

What are they?

The nine Directors of Children’s Services in the East Midlands region are arranging these seminars as a way of strengthening learning for improvement in the region. Themes have been selected to address some current priorities, to share effective practice and to demonstrate how some current challenges are being addressed.

Who are they for?

These seminars are for leaders in all forms of children’s service work within the East Midlands region who have an interest in the learning themes provided.

How to attend?

Places are limited by the venue capacity and type of event but are open to all leaders across children’s services in the East Midlands. To book a place simply follow the link and submit your form.

Forthcoming Events

Date & Time Venue More information about the content  

Thursday 28th June

10.00am - 12.30

Knuston Hall. near Wellingborough, Northants Developing the local authority’s mediating role with regard to schools improvement This session will provide colleagues with an opportunity to explore the developing relationship between schools, local authorities and the DfE. Northamptonshire LA will provide an overview of their recent and forthcoming changes, made in response to incoming legislation and their 'new' relationship with schools to secure standards and opportunities for children and young people. The session will also allow discussion of some key themes that underpin policy and decision making and provide an opportunity to share views and experiences. Book a Place
Autumn Leicester The commissioning of 0 - 19 services  

Previous Events

Date & Time Venue More information about the content  



Safeguarding: Learning the lessons.
A multi-agency session to cover serious incident learning; building relationships with the Coroner's Office and systems approach to Serious Case Reviews
See Event Resources


Nottinghamshire Briefing from Eleanor Stringer, Grants Manager at the Education Endowment Foundation on the Pupil Premium and the work of the Sutton Trust to guide the way schools use this funding stream.
Tackling the challenge to close the gap. An interactive session to explore the different approaches being taken within the region to address the challenge to reduce the disparities in outcomes between different communities
See Event Resources


Leicestershire Shaping the future of Childrens Services. An exploratory session to consider the structure of Children's Services in the ‘Govian World’ - Making sure that Local Authorities deliver high quality services for children over the next five years See Event Resources



Establishing an integrated service for people An interactive session led by Carol Chambers (Strategic Director of Services to People, Rutland County Council) to outline some of the principles and outcomes of the recent experience in Rutland to integrate the department of Children and Young People with Adult Social Care. See Event Resources


Nottingham How commissioning links to early intervention. This session examined Nottingham City Council's work to embed early intervention into its commissioning process. Nottingham's mission - 'early intervention, pre-emption and prevention' - has led to an extensive and potentially groundbreaking Early Intervention Programme, aiming to break cycles of intergenerational underachievement and deprivation experienced by some children, families and adults in the city. See Event Resources
May Derbyshire Improving vulnerable children’s life chances through a partnership strategy for language development. Language development is one of the five golden threads that make a difference to children’s outcomes and in Derbyshire there has been a significant strategy to address mild to moderate communication delays. This seminar enabled colleagues to hear about Derbyshire's co-ordinated approach to language development  working through schools, parents,  children centres, and private child care providers. See Event Resources