Regional Priority Projects

What are they?

The nine Directors of Children’s Services in the East Midlands region are supported a limited number of projects as a way of helping groups of key leaders across the region to work together to address some of the region’s priorities. Each project will involve an identified group of leaders who will be supported through a clear action plan to deliver significant change. The projects will be facilitated and include a blend of events, action learning, change management and a modest level of funding.

Who are they for?

These projects are being developed to support the key leaders in children’s services across the East Midlands region who hold some responsibility for the  priority themes and seek to help lead the project objectives in their organisation or partnership.

How to get involved?

Places are limited but if you think you can make a key contribution to the priority work underway, are in a leadership position to help effect change, and have the capacity to get involved, then please follow the link to find out more and make an enquiry.


Project themes being supported during 2011/12
Developing a culture of reflective safeguarding and implementing the regional programme of unannounced safeguarding assurance visits
Establishing confident leadership of child poverty strategies in the region - supporting performance, reporting, scrutiny, governance, work with elected members and embedding the strategy
Potentially one more project to be decided


More information about these projects