Sector-Led Improvement - Peer Challenge and Support

What is the East Midlands sector-led improvement scheme?

The nine Directors of Children’s Services (DCSs) in the East Midlands are co-ordinating robust new arrangements from September 2011 that will involve all councils in a process or peer challenge and support. Teams of senior leaders and DCSs will be involved in Peer Challenge Team Reviews and Unannounced Assurance Visits. The DCSs will directly lead these schemes and will recruit and involve key senior leaders. If you are in a influential senior leadership position in children’s services in the East Midlands and would like to express your interest to become involved in these formal processes, please get in touch with the DCS for your local authority area. Further information about the East Midlands scheme can be found here.


Developing leadership skills for sector-led improvement in the future

For leaders not yet in the most senior strategic roles to become involved in the formal processes described above, there is a possibility of accredited training in sector specialist leadership. We are collecting expressions of interest to bring together a cohort and provide them training in the with key skills in helping organisations and partnerships develop effective practice and strengthen local improvement planning. The training, when it happens, will comprise three elements:

Session 1:  What is sector-led support -  the national picture

Session 2:  What does it mean for you? – the local picture

Session 3:  What have you done individually / in your team that reflects the principles of sector-led support – the personal picture  

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